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Kids Learning Games – Math / Reading Edutainment

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Cluefinders Reading Adventures Ages 9 – 12 (2 CD-ROM Set)
Find the missing Amulet before the planet is destroyed by the sorceress Malicia! Build reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills while you search for clues to save the planet. Special Features: 4 Skill Levels; Action-Packed Arcade & Problem-Solving Play; Detailed Help; Customized Workbooks; Printable Activities.

Dorling Kindersley: I Love Math (Ages 7 – 11)
Mastering math becomes fun-and-games as you travel back to the ancient worlds of Atlantis, Greece, Egypt and the Aztecs. Core Curriculum Topics: Addition & subtraction, Multiplication & division, Shapes & geometry, Fractions & decimals, Percentages & ratios, Word problems, Measurement, Time & money, Analyzing graphs & tables, Pre-algebra, And more! Grade-Raising Features: Over 250 math topics, Covers curricula for grades 2–5, 3,000 math problems prepared by experts, 2 million arithmetic questions, 6,000 math help pop-ups, Progress tracking, Intelligent software for personalized learning, 6 exciting games, Multiple game-play options.

Kids’ Sudoku
An incredibly addicting numbers puzzle game. A game of logic and reasoning with no math skills required. Simple to learn, yet a lifetime to master! We’ve created a special Sudoku version for kids featuring a 4×4 board. Kids will be excited by the colorful and engaging tile sets! Kids’ Sudoku is the fun way for kids to learn critical thinking skills! Features: 10,000+ Puzzles; Easy to Play; Hints & Auto-solver; Sudoku Checker; Undo Moves; Print Puzzles; 5 Tile Sets! – Numbers, Letters, Stars, Symbols, Colors.

MindTwister Math (Ages 8 – 10)
A game show that adds a thrilling twist to math practice! Encourages students to review and practice essential 3rd grade math skills. Provides hours of review and thousands of unique games for up to three players. Increases Math-Fact Fluency. Strengthens Mental Math Skills. Improves Computation Proficiency. UFO Challenges – Read the rule displayed at the top of the screen. If you see a flying object or number that fits the rule, press your ring-in key to win the points! Game Pieces – Choose from nine fun cartoon characters. Cooperation Break – Move the Vacusaurus to gather Numbugs that fit the rule. But to earn points, you need to work with the other players. Totally Twisters – Press your ring-in key first to get a chance to answer the question. Different questions have different point values!

Super Solvers Operation Neptune (Ages 9 – 14)
The Deep-Sea Adventure That Builds Pre-Algebra Math and Problem-Solving Skills. Provides a solid math and problem solving foundation with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages. Problem solving hints and calculator and customization options make learning math easier and more enjoyable. Solving word problems and using measurement concepts such as area, distance and volume help you see how Math can be used in the real world. Reading and interpreting data found in charts, graphs, maps, and tables will improve your problem-solving skills.

Treasure Mountain (Ages 5 – 9)
Master of Mischief has stolen the magic crown and is using its powers to gather all of the mountain’s magic gold. To win back the crown, you must find treasures hidden along the trail and lock them safely away in the treasure chest in the mountaintop castle. Along the way you will meet mischievous elves who will try to outwit you. If you avoid their tricks and answer their reading, thinking, math, and science questions, the elves will reward you with clues and coins to help you master the mountain! Over 450 spoken problem-solving questions that help develop a broad range of educational skills. Spoken hints, messages, and feedback that enable children to play independently. Builds a Broad Range of Age-Appropriate Skills. Reading: Reading Comprehension; Spelling; Alphabetization; Identifying Rhymes. Thinking: Problem-Solving; Reasoning; Comparing; Ordering. Math: Addition & Subtraction; Word Problems; Units of Measurement. Science: Nature; Planets; Earth Science.

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