Jay Jay the Jet Plane Earns His Wings (Sealed Box)


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Jay Jay Earns His Wings
Brighter Child

Discover Nature, Numbers & Math!

(Ages 3 – 7) Help Jay Jay Earn His Wings and Learn About Nature, Numbers & Math! Jay Jay is nearly ready to embark on his very own delivery route! But first, the young jet plane must show he has mastered all the right skills. Hit the skyway for fun, games, and lessons about nature, numbers, and math. Help Jay Jay pick up packages and pass his tests with flying colors! Then celebrate with the best fleet of friends a child could ever have!

Number Chase
Help Herky the Helicopter round up numbers on a slippery slalom. Follow Jay Jay’s directions to stay on course!

Lightning Bug Patterns
Lightning bugs dance, creating a pattern of colored lights. Click on the bugs that repeat the same sequence!

Stack & Measure
Use a variety of tools to measure objects for Big Jake’s™ cargo hold. That bicycle is two hammers high!

Discover & Learn:

  • Nature
  • Addition
  • Measuring
  • Sequences
  • Estimating
  • Matching
  • Comparison
  • Number recognition
  • Pattern completion
  • Following instructions
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Coloring & creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Computer skillsNature

Special Features:

  • 6 activities
  • Nature videos
  • Fun Jay Jay songs
  • Fun printables

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