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Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventure (Ages 3 – 6)
Explore the deep sea in Elmo’s submarine, collect junk for Oscar, and stretch your problem-solving skills. Help Oscar add to his collections by gathering junk from the deep sea with Elmo. Guide Elmo’s submarine through deep waters, and solve puzzles that challenge your skills in pattern recognition, matching, sorting, prediction, and more. When you find enough junk collectibles, deliver them to Oscar’s Deep Sea Lab, where he will use them create a grouchy sculpture! Deep Sea Lab – Begin your adventure with Elmo and Oscar the Grouch at Oscar’s underwater research lab. Clan of the Cave Pairs – Reunite deep sea creatures with their matching friends in Rosita’s cave. Octopus’ Garden – Help Miss Octopus plant seeds in her garden and grow all the vegetables she needs for her recipes. The Shallows – Match the sounds you hear to the object the swimmers carry, so Lifeguard Zoe can tell which one’s time in the water is up. Lost City of Atlantis – Replace tiles of the correct shapes and help Telly rebuild the mural on the walls of the Lost City. Sunken Shipwreck – Guide Grover’s assistant, Clammie, through the rooms in the shipwreck to reach the treasure.

Monster Clubhouse (Ages 2 – 5)
Join in on the fun! Explore, sing, dance, play, and learn preschool skills with your Monster friends. Kids learn essential preschool skills in Monster Clubhouse. Join the Monsters in an activity center filled with ten engaging games and creative activities! Learn fundamental preschool skills such as rhyming, matching, shapes and colors, musical composition, pattern identification, labeling emotions, and much more! Membership Card Design your own Monster Clubhouse Membership Card! Matching Window – Look outside the window to find the things that match what Elephant describes. Furry Feelings – Make a monster face that is angry, surprised, happy, or sad. Monster Music – Fill up the song board with song shapes to make Monster Music! Then play back your creations. Matching Moves – Click on Mel’s head, arms and legs to change his moves and help him dance the same way as Narf. Snack Time – Help Narf create snacks by putting the right shapes in the Snack Machine.

Music Maker (Ages 3 and Up)
Learn to love music with Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover! Sesame Street Music Maker is structured as an activity center hosted by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Grover. Eight activities expose kids to a variety of musical concepts including tempo, pitch and the sounds unusual instruments make. The activities are all hosted by Sesame Street Muppet characters, who guide and encourage kids to enjoy the wonders of music. Musical Stickers – Visit six different scenes with Elmo and make songs with special musical stickers! Sing-Along with the Muppets – Sing songs with the Sesame Street Muppets, or sing Karaoke style by yourself! World of Sound – Explore the World of Sound at the zoo, the city streets, the home, and the farm! Rock n’ Roll Jam Session – Join Elmo and Ernie on guitar, Grover on keyboards, and Cookie on drums for a rockin’ jam session! Studio 543 – Get down and boogie at Studio 543! Cookie brings you the music, while Elmo and Grover teach you their favorite moves. Elmo’s Magic Music Machine – With Elmo’s help, you compose your own songs by selecting different instruments.

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  • Windows XP (Tested Works in Windows 7, 8 & 10)
  • Requires Disc Remain in Drive to Play
  • Does not play full screen

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  • Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventure: New, Original CD-ROM Only in White Sleeve
  • Monster Clubhouse & Music Maker:  New Sealed Retail Jewel Case With Front and Back Insert Cover Artwork

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